About Us

Chartered as Lodge 236, Philipstown is one of the oldest lodges in New York State. The first lodge in Philipstown convened in 1823. In 1847 the lodge was numbered 12. Due to the size of the state, some Masons wanted New York to host two Grand Lodges. And for a time, there was a division of New York Masonry into two halves under separate Grand Masters. Then in 1851 the two halves reunited under the jurisdiction of one Grand Lodge. At that time, Philipstown was given its new charter as Lodge 236. Peter Lawson was the first master of that lodge.

Rich with history, Philipstown Lodge #236 remains a vital part of the lower Hudson Valley. Each year the lodge hosts a number of events for the community including an annual Christmas party and summer picnic for the Putnam Association for Retarded Citizens (PARC).

Philipstown Lodge #236 also proudly gives scholarships to promising students at Haldane High School. In conjunction with the Foundry Preserve, Philipstown also sponsors an intern each year. The intern performs tasks in the Constitution Marsh where he or she works with Preserve professionals to learn about the natural resources of the area. Many of the interns go on to study ecology, horticulture and other related scientific fields. These internships help foster and guide our young people to valuable careers.

Who are our members?
Our members are men of lawful age who come to Masonry from all walks of life. Many of our members travel from a distance to be part of the fraternity and camaraderie of our lodge. One thing that bonds all our members is our dedication to what it means to be a citizen in our democracy. We invite and accept upstanding men of all persuasions politically, religiously and occupationally. Our members are dedicated to improving our community, our nation and our world.

Our members carry on a tradition that is centuries old; a tradition and philosophy that is at the heart of the American Democracy where all men are created equal. Ours is an institution that endeavors always to improve our membership so that as individuals and as a group we can be of better service.

Philipstown Lodge #236

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