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Philipstown Lodge #236
received its charter from the Grand Lodge of the State of New York in 1851. It is part of the 1st Westchester/ Putnam District. Masonry is the oldest fraternal organization in the world. As Free and Accpeted Masons, we trace our origins back to early the 18th century. The traditions and principles of Ancient Freemasonry go back all the way to the builidng of King Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem.

Masons are adult men who come from every walk of life. From janitors to presidents, Masons are universally held in high esteem among brethren and fellows. In Philipstown, our brother Masons have served in many capacities. We have had soldiers and generals, ministers and millers, doctors and businessmen.

Freedom and Equality
Freedom has always been a core value of Masons. Originally, the Operative Masons (the stoneworkers whose skills created the great architecture of western culture) were free to travel in foreign lands. Historically, most ordinary people never ventured farther than a few miles from the place they were born. But the highly skilled master builders were permitted and paid to travel far and wide.

When the first modern Masonic Temple was opened it was in the Age of Enlightenment. This was the time when the great thinkers of their day began to contemplate some of the original ideas that formulated into the founding of the United States. In the Masonic Lodge, all initiated master masons meet "on the level". That is to say, they are all equal. Equality was a new ideal among men. Among masons it was the rule.

Masons consider themselves to be brothers. They are committed to being of assistance to other Masons and their communities at large. Just as the new American nation was founded with a government that was formed to serve the people, the Masonic tradition is to serve the educational, health and safety needs of the citizenry. It was this historic idea that helped change the role of national leaders from being served by the people to serving the people.

Masons of Philipstown
The first lodge in Philipstown was constituted in 1823 as Philipstown 352. In 1847 it was constituted as Philipstown 12. For generations the Masons have given back to the Philipstown community and beyond by quietly supporting charitable work and community projects, such as steak roasts, blood drives and Child ID programs.

Philipstown Lodge #236
Free and Accepted Masons
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Philipstown Lodge #236 Officers in 1899